Who are you guys?

Chan Sneakers was founded in 2016 as a retailer of replica sneakers. In 2018, we were interviewed by VICE NEWS about our industry and operations. We have since expanded our scope of operation and now develop and produce our sneakers entirely in-house. We are based in the city of Putian, China.

What are the quality of your products?

We at Chan Sneakers are committed to producing the highest quality of replicas. We produce sneakers by dissecting an authentic pair and sourcing for equivalent grades of materials to reproduce them as accurately as we can.

I heard that your products very closely resembles a real pair of sneakers. Can I sell them on platforms like stockx?

Under no circumstances should our products be misrepresented and resold as an authentic pair of sneakers! If you are reselling our sneakers, please explicitly label them as replicas!

I am interested in a pair of sneakers! How can I purchase them?

Chan Sneakers pride ourselves as leaders in the often murky world of replicas. We are one of the first to popularize the concept of concierge-like style of service. That means that all you need to do is to simply message one of our friendly team members and they will be happy to guide you to completing your purchase! Our team members will guide you on various aspects of the ordering process such as payment, size and fitting as well as aftersales request.

You can contact us via live chat on our website or by emailing to sales@chansneakers.co

Do the prices in the catalog include shipping?

All prices in the catalog exclude shipping. Prices are in USD.

How can I pay for an order?

Chan Sneakers accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience. We support payment via credit/debit cards as well as various forms of fund transfers. If you are from a country or region where we have a significant customer base, chances are we have a payment method that will suit you! Speak to our team members for more information!

When will my order be processed?

Orders are processed immediately upon payment approval. Payment approval is usually immediate if paying via credit/debit cards. Manual approval of fund transfers takes a few working days, dependent on the speed of transfers.

Most products on our catalog are ready stocked. While we curate our inventory regularly, due to the scale and nature of our business, there are challenges with reflecting stocks level accurately. We will contact you should an order be taking longer than usual to be processed.

How long will it be before I receive my order of sneakers?

Due to the sensitive nature of our products, regular couriers do not accept our sneakers for export directly. We have our own network of shipping routes to enable safe export of replica sneakers to your doorstep. You can expect final delivery by a reputable courier company (DHL, Fedex, EMS, Postal service) in approximately two weeks once they have left our processing warehouses. Restrictions apply for certain regions and areas. Speak to us to find out more!

What is this insurance option about?

Depending on your country’s/region’s law and jurisdiction, it may be unlawful to purchase replicas. Custom officials from certain countries may conduct random checks and may confiscate your order should they deem it to be unlawful. Our insurance option provides for a one-time free replacement at no extra charge, should your original order be seized by customs.

If you are concerned that your order may be confiscated by customs, we highly recommend adding an insurance coverage.

An insurance coverage will cost 10 USD per pair. In the event of a seizure by customs, we will reship your order once for free.

Insurance coverage acts as a safeguard against seizure of reps by your local country's customs only. In the uncommon event of a seizure by authorities, we will provide a ONE-TIME free reship of your order.

We will request for adequate proof of seizure (official letterheads, proof of contact) as we deem fit. All claims would have to be made through our support system [support@chansneakers.co]. Our decision is final and absolute.

What is triangle shipping?

This applies to customers based in the European Union (EU). Apart from having high import taxes for purchases made outside the EU, member nations are also extremely strict when it comes to checking for replicas. If you are based in the EU and want a safe and tax-free option to receive your parcel, we offer a guaranteed delivery with our triangle shipping option.

For a surcharge, we will deliver your parcel to our partners in a ‘lenient’ EU country, before sending it to you. You will not have to deal with the stress of worrying over the fate of your package, nor the ridiculously high import taxes commonly associated with overseas purchase!

I was emailed a tracking number, but the status does not show its on its way to me.

We use a variety of methods to ship our sneakers to be delivered to your doorstep. Due to the nature of our products, they are sometimes detected and rejected for export. This might mean that the original tracking number that was generated and emailed to you has been rendered invalid. Please reach out to us if you noticed any anomalies on your tracking status.

I received a tracking number, however it has been stuck at 'Shipment Information Received'! Have you actually shipped my sneakers?

Our base of operation is in the city of Putian, China. Once your sneakers order has been processed by us and is ready to ship, we then proceed to pack them up and hand them over to our various shipping partners. Due to the nature of our products, they are not simply handed over directly to couriers like DHL/Postal services. For operational security, they are routed through various destinations (outside of Mainland China) before being picked up by the courier companies. If your tracking is stuck at 'Shipment Information Received', you can rest assure that your parcel has already left our hands, and is on its way to our intermediary agents for pickup by the last-mile delivery companies.

What is your returns/exchange policy?

Chan Sneakers operates on a strict no returns and no exchanges policy. This is due to the prohibitive cost of shipping back to China. While we only charge a base $30 USD and up for shipping to you, more often than not you’ll be looking at a minimum of $80 to return a pair of sneakers to us. We highly recommend that if your sneakers do not fit well, you can try to sell them on local marketplace. Our sneakers are all highly sought after models and you should have no problem asking for more than what you paid for!

Where are your other social media accounts?

Our original Instagram account @reddit.chanzhfsneakers was taken down with more than 40,000 followers late in 2019. Our next Instagram account @chansneakers.official was taken down more recently in April 2020 with more than 10,000 followers.

We have since decided not to proceed with Instagram as a platform to deliver updates. Moving ahead, all updates will only be made on https://blog.chansneakers.co/.

Do subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates! We promise to keep mailers to a minimum! Click HERE to subscribe.

I found another website that claims to be Chan Sneakers?

Our only domain is chansneakers.co. Any official correspondence or emails from us will end with @chansneakers.co. We do not currently have an Instagram account due to enforcement by brand owners. Beware of imposters with shoddily designed websites, broken English, while attempting to convince you that they are real. Always practise adequate judgement to prevent yourself from falling for scams!